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Wirth N.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ the Essence of Programming Languages 2003 Wirth N. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 15.11.2003
СТ Embedded Systems and Real-Time Programming 2001 Wirth N. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 03.11.2001
СТ The Development of Procedural Programming Languages Personal Contributions and Perspectives 2000 Wirth N. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 06.10.2000
СТ The Language Lola, FPGAs, and PLDs in Teaching Digital Circuit Design 1996 Wirth N. 25.12.1996
М Compiler Construction 1996 Wirth N. 20.09.1996
СТ Tasks versus Threads: An Alternative Multiprocessing Paradigm 1996 Wirth N. Software-Concepts and Tools 03.08.1996
М Digital Circuit Design: An Introductory Textbook 1995 Wirth N. 31.07.1996
П A Brief History of Modula and Lilith 1993 Wirth N. ETH 02.11.1994
П Tools for Digital Circuit Design using FPGAs 1994 Eberle H., Gehring S., Ludwig S., Wirth N. ETH 20.09.1994
СТ Gedanken zur Software-Explosion 1994 Wirth N. Informatik Spektrum 22.06.1994
П An Extension-Board with an FPGA for Experimental Circuit Design 1993 Wirth N. ETH 29.10.1993
СТ Recollections about the Development of Pascal 1993 Wirth N. SIGPLAN Notices 21.04.1993
СТ Designing a System from Scratch 1989 Wirth N. Structured Programming 24.04.1991
СТ From Programming Language Design to Computer Construction 1987 Wirth N. ACM Turing Award Lectures. The First Twenty Years. 1966 to 1985 24.04.1991