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Corbett J. C.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ Verifying General Safely and Liveness Properties with Integer Programming 1993 Corbett J. C. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 07.05.1993
СТ A Practical Technique for Bounding the Time Between Events in Concurrent Real-Time Systems 1993 Corbett J. C., Avrunin G. S. Software Engineering Notes 29.09.1993
СТ Timing Analysis of Ada Tasking Programs 1996 Corbett J. C. IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering 14.11.1996
СТ Constructing Compact Models of Concurrent Java Programs 1998 Corbett J. C. Software Engineering Notes 30.07.1998
СТ Using Shape Analysis to Reduce Finite-State Models of Concurrent Java Programs 2000 Corbett J. C. ACM Trans. on Software Engineering and Methodology 10.07.2000
СТ A Language Framework for Expressing Checkable Properties of Dynamic Software 2000 Corbett J. C., Dwyer M. B., Hatcliff J., Robby. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 26.09.2000