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Dan A.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ Analysis of the Generalized Clock Buffer Replacement Scheme for Database Transaction Processing 1992 Nikola V. F., Dan A., Dias D. M. Performance Evaluation Review 16.07.1992
СТ Characterization of Database Access Skew in a Transaction Processing Environment 1992 Dan A., Yu Ph. S., Chung J. -Y. Performance Evaluation Review 17.07.1992
СТ PANDA: Specifying Policies for Automated Negotiations of Services Contracts 2003 Gimpel H., Ludwig H., Dan A., Kearney B. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 23.01.2004
СТ Performance Analysis of Coherency Control Policies through Lock Retention 1992 Dan A., Yu P. S. SIGMOD Record 13.08.1992