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Maiden N.A. M.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ SCARLET: Integrated Process and Tool Support for Selecting Software Components 2003 Maiden N.A. M., Croce V., Kim H., Sajeva G., Topuzidou S. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 19.09.2003
СТ Modeling Component Dependencies to Inform Their Selection 2003 Franch X., Maiden N.A. M. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 08.03.2003
СТ Rethinking Process Guidance for Selecting Software Components 2002 Maiden N.A. M., Kim H., Ncube C. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 20.02.2002
СТ People-Oriented Software Reuse: The Very Thought 1993 Maiden N.A. M., Sutcliffe A. G. Advances in Software Reuse (Selected Papers from the Second Intern. Workshop on Software Reusability) 25.11.1993