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Aversano L.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ Introducing Quality System in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Experience Report 2004 Aversano L., Canfora G., Capasso G., Di Lucca G. A., Visaggio C. A. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 21.05.2004
СТ Integrating Document and Workflow Management Tools using XML and Web Technologies: A Case Study 2002 Aversano L., Canfora G., De Lucia A., Gallucci P. Proc. of the Sixth European Conf. on Software Maintenance and Reengineering. Budapest, Hungary, March 2002 12.11.2002
СТ Migrating Legacy Systems to the Web: An Experience Report 2001 Aversano L., Canfora G., Cimitile A., De Lucia A. Proc. of the Fifth European Conf. on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, Lisbon, Portugal, 14-16 March, 2001 21.07.2001