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Xiao C.


Вид Название Год Автор Серия Редакторы Колл. автор Источник Дата поступления
СТ Improving Reusability and Reducing Development Costs with Adaptive Software 1993 Lieberherr K. J., Silva-Lepe I., Xiao C. Position Paper Collection - Second Intern. Workshop on Software Reusability 25.12.1993
СТ Minimizing Dependency on Class Structures with Adaptive Programs 1993 Lieberherr K. J., Xiao C. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 23.11.1993
СТ Three-Dimensional Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Code Using High Performance Fortran on PC Cluster 2002 Cai D., Li Y., Nishikawa K., Xiao C., Yan X. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 19.06.2002